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Since 1971, Fabcon Precast has built a rock-solid reputation by working with and satisfying powerful organizations like Home Depot, UPS and Walmart. Whether you’re looking for 10,000 square feet or 1,000,000 square feet, Fabcon is ready is to help. From the moment we begin engineering your structural precast panels up until the last one stands perfectly plumb, we’re there. We pour everything we have into every panel we make. At Fabcon Precast, when we say STRONGER, BETTER, FASTER...we mean it.


Versacore+Green Sandwich panels provide outstanding thermal performance. Their continuous 2.5-inch layer of insulation increases the static R-value by as much as 250% over many construction methods including site-cast panels and CMU construction. Sandwich panels are the only standard panels that have a 4-hour fire rating.

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We understand the urgency of growth. Manufacturing facilities, breweries, distribution centers, data centers, clinics, retail, ice arenas, fitness centers—you name it, we’ve built it. Whether you’re a commercial architect, a general contractor or the person charged with generating your organization’s growth, Fabcon’s fully-integrated processes will help you get definitive answers concerning cost, timing and design. Go ahead and lean on us…we’re built for it.

Ale Asylum — Madison, WI

Ale Asylum of Madison, Wisconsin was on a roll. Folks all over Wisconsin were lining up to buy their craft beers…but there just wasn’t enough to go around. Fabcon helped them create a facility that increased production from 10,000 barrels a year to 45,000 barrels.

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